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Here's a neopet, there's a neopet, and another little neopet!

Greetings, Deeviants! :D

I'm afriad the Game of the Week will be up a few hours later nowadays , folks. I don't often really have enough time to do it before school in the mornings, and today the summer hols came to an end. :( Aaw. Anyway, here I am again on another monday, whee! Prize time, yes?

In third place it *WOULD* Have been Meerakins, but I think she forgot to send the score!! :o *thwacks on head with the magic wand* Silly Meera, remember it next time please. :P If you've sent the score three times in one day you could always enter a world challenge, then I believe your scores still go on Your Highscores even if you've sent the score three times already, if that makes sense?

Anyway, due to the rules this week the third place shall go to.. ciinnamon with 45,980! Well done! :D
Your prizes are-
Magic Wand
Heroic Hissi

In super-second, we have mrsbubbles with 46,140! :D
Your prizes are-
Magic Nova
Heroic Pteri Tales

And at number one this week, we have everyone's favourite tinalong with 50,930!! Very well done! :D
Your prizes are-
Magic Wand
Hubrid Nox Plushie
Dark Nova
Jeran My Hero

Everyone enjoy their prizes! :D And since I know you're all interested, my score was 56,100. ^_^ Whee.

Prizes are in my trades as usual-

Onto this weeks Game of the Week I think! And I want more entries from everybody please, I only got five last week! :o Everyone remember the shiny 100k+ worth of prizes given out each GoW! :D (thankyou again Jessie!! And good luck with your account!)

This week we have our second game that takes place in the super-cool (geddit? ;D) Terror Mountain!

"Use the mouse to direct the Bruce and catch as many notes in as few jumps as possible! The notes will change color over time until they turn red and disappear. Your score at the end of each round will be given to you by the three judges below. " Says the description.

Guessed what it is yet?

Rink Runner!!

Featuring the loveable penguin/Bruce thing. :D

Now remember folks, I'm expecting lots of entries this week! Give it a go even if it's not your favourite game, or if you don't think you're that good! You might even accidently have a bit of fun while you're at it. :D

You all know the rules, play the game, send the score, post your scores here by magic of the LJ commenting, and voila! Prizes shall rain down from the heavens. :D

Deadline is Sunday Evening again, although you might be able to squeeze in a last minute score on monday morning. :D
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